How To Create Stronger Photo Composition Anywhere - The NEW Way

Combine multiple composition techniques... without the overwhelm of over 100 tools

Question: What is the one thing your smart smartphone cannot and will never be able to do?
Answer: Help you structure a photo and unlock your inner creativity

I'm here to tell you the TRUTH you need to know about composition. Taking photos with intention, seeing the world as more abstract, and editing from the perspective of the viewer 'reading' your photo is the key to creative photography.

One of the biggest problems you are facing is either being limited to the same basic techniques or completely overwhelmed by the number of techniques available. You are going to learn over 100 composition tools! But, this is one of the simplest systems to create a strong composition.

Imagine this

Imagine feeling less frustrated and underwhelmed with your photos. You have a great camera on your phone and know you are close to creating those stunning photos. Stronger composition is the key to unlocking your potential.

You can become more intentional in your photography, finding creative ways to take ordinary scenes and make them visually engaging. Confidently walk into any situation and find options to compose a scene in various ways, using flow, balance, and other tools to create your next best photo.

Your photos will have more cohesion, enhancing the experience. By attracting the viewer's eye to the parts of the photo we consider important, then directing them to other elements creates a narrative and holds their attention. This holds their attention and keeps them engaged. It sounds complicated... this system simplifies the process.

STEP 1: Prepare and position the camera
  • Capture height
  • Subject to lens distortion
  • Perspective distortion 
  • Forced perspective - depth
  • Symmetry  - vertical, horizontal, spiral & radial
  • & 26 more!

The simplest control you have in the composition is the position of you and the camera. Even the slightest of tweaks can dramatic improvements to perspective, orientation and use of light direction.
(45-minute video explaining each tool)

STEP 2: Position of the subject in the frame
  • Off-centre
  • Isolation
  • Fill the frame
  • Focal point
  • Left to right
  • & 16 more!

Step two is intended to have you thinking about the photography intention and narrative. Where do you position the visual anchor - emphasis or dominant element for the viewer's attention to settle.
(30-minute video explaining each tool)

STEP 3: Position the supporting elements
  • Foreground interest
  • Juxtaposition
  • Minimalism
  • Scale
  • Layering
  • & 29  more!

The addition, subtraction, or placement of visual elements and how they interact impact the attraction and direction of the viewer's eye. This is a fundamental part of constructing a photo more purposefully.
(65-minute video explaining each tool)

STEP 4: Composition mobile editing tools
  • Spot colour 
  • Differential focus
  • Depth - diminished clarity & tone
  • Frame edges - border patrol
  • Closure - filling in the blank
  • & 20 more!

This is the fun part of the composition. You have the basic structure that has the biggest impact all sorted. Now you get to add the finer visual cues to elevate composition to the next level.
(70-minute video explaining each tool)

The story behind this 4-step system
Despite over twenty years working in a technical genre of photography, my photos looked like snapshots. They were boring, and nowhere near as engaging as the photos that inspired me on social media! That all changed on an outing with landscape photographer Kyle from 20West Photography. He explained that his creative journey involved mastering photographic principles and guidelines to attract, hold, guide, or detract the viewer's attention. 
I had a kind of epiphany. I realised, if I could master a sort of framing structure and introduce storytelling (the perspective of the viewer), then creativity would come more naturally.
The research
I was still underwhelmed with my photos. The issue? Every time I tried to explore or experiment with photo composition, I was forcing a particular 'rule' of photography. At this point, I knew that photo composition was the key to creating more compelling photos and feeling more creative. So I set about learning as much about composition as possible. I spent months studying composition techniques in photography, painting, drawing, architecture and even garden design!
Feeling overwhelmed
Quickly, I became overwhelmed. I went from unaware to learning over 100 different photo composition techniques and tools in excruciating detail. But I found myself stumped yet again. I'd be out on a shoot with a beautiful scene in front of me, and still, I couldn't decide which technique I should apply.
I sorted all my techniques and tools into groups, then fewer groups and fewer again until I separated them into 4 groups, which I refer to as my toolboxes: 1. Prepare and position the camera, 2. Position the subject in the frame, 3. Position the supporting elements, 4. Composition mobile editing tools
The secret sauce: 'Composition Stacking'
You are going to love how simple this is!
If you look at your favourite photos, they all have one thing in common. They all have multiple compositions techniques.
Imagine selecting only one tool from each toolbox... all of a sudden you a multiple. Now, imagine taking two or three from each of the toolboxes.
You will potentially have double-digit composition techniques and tools implemented in your photo creation!.
This passionfruit flower has more than 30 techniques!! How many can you spot?
How is this training different?

This system delivers you faster results in less time! You can watch, pause, rewind and replay the video lessons anytime, online or offline across all devices. Other trainers explain the same basic compositional techniques. You will also learn elements of design and how to 'stack' compositional tools to get the best results.

As adults, we all learn differently. The recorded training video, printable PDF, bonus video content, continued contact through the community will complement your learning styles – auditory, verbal, social, solitary, auditory, and physical.

You will not feel abandoned and left to your own. You will have access to a course chat page to ask me any questions at any time. What other course gives you direct access to the course creator long after you have enrolled in a course?

As an extra bonus, you will have access to the Smartphone Photography Club Community Forum to start and join conversations and share your photos. This is a new community to support you, keep you inspired, challenged, and motivated. It is also the best way to stay in touch with myself and have any questions answered.

  • Intuitively apply composition without being a slave to compositional rules!
  • Empowered to 'stack' basic and advanced composition techniques to confidently create stronger photos
  • Develop the ability to critique your own work and start modelling your favourite photographer's photos
  • Be a part of a community of learning where you feel supported, motivated and inspired
"Mike is honest and open in assessing people's photographs. He gives good advice in a very kind way and recommend his training and the way he does things"

Jenny Nolt

Disappointed in the clarity & sharpness of her photos to "Some of my photos are looking extremely good. I'm very happy with the results"

Cheryle Matthews

"Mike's communication skills are excellent and he can speak to me in a learner language that I can understand and make everything sound so easy."

Terry Turkington

"Mike is very personable, professional photographer, professional trainer who can guide you to getting the most out of your smartphone photographically and for your editing"

Terry Betts

Bonus lessons: Be an intentional, storytelling photographer and find your own style

In these bonus lessons, we cover the difference between intention, storytelling, photography goals and how design all contribute to the composition. We even cover how you can identify and develop your own style!

Before considering composition, we take a moment to consider the motivation and reason for taking the photo and the desired result. What was the stimulus that you are reacting to? Is it the tone, colour, shapes, form, or lighting that caught your attention? The next step is to provide those visual cues to assist the viewer recognise and share that intention with you. 

Not all photographs need to tell a story. To remain an attention-grabbing, engaging photo it needs to have a fascination factor. Composition helps steer the viewer's attention to that fascination factor. The uniqueness could be the capture angle and perspective or a subject presented in a less common way.

The combination of intention and storytelling informs your decisions to select the best compositional techniques. The consistent selection of compositional techniques can inform and lead to a recognisable style as your own. These choices can be lens accessory field of view, create a unique field of view, and background blur amount. 

Are you starting to see the transformation you are going to experience? This is so exciting.

Once you start taking the time to think about what it is you are capturing and the desired end result, dipping into the 4 composition toolboxes makes it easy to find the best tools for the situation.

Course inclusions
ebook blurry to tacj-sharp photos and incredible details iphone android smartphone
COURSE - Photo Composition Stacking: 4-Step System

Learn at your own pace and have direct support from me when needed in the included social wall. Over 3 1/2 hours of video that you can pause anytime and on any device. 
The course includes a learning path to learn most of the content in under 1 hour! You also have access to bonus material on photo intentional and visual storytelling.
photo composition stacking ebook
BONUS: Printable PDF course workbook 

All the techniques and tips in this 146 page PDF.

This PDF may be your preferred option to learn quickly by skim reading the content, so you can save time... and get out there shooting more!

Inside the Smartphone Photography Training Membership Area, you will have access to the PDF. Once you click the URL, you will also be able to download a printable version. 
smartphone photography community page
Photo critique of your photos in our community

Do not feel abandoned after the course. This course has a dedicated social wall to have continued access to myself and other course participants.

What other online course offers that?

This is where you share your photos for me to provide feedback. A one-on-one image critique normally costs $49. 
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14-Day Photo Creativity Challenge 
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  • 14-Day Photo Creativity Challenge ($199 delivery value)

You have two options... continue to do it on your own, searching for free content and delaying your transformation by not investing in your hobby, believing it is too difficult to learn, you are not technical enough, or don't have the time.


You can invest an hour to watch the webclass, unlock the photographer within, and start creating dynamically strong composed, and visually engaging photos you will be proud to share, post online and print.

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'Stronger Photo Composition: 4-Step System'
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One of the biggest obstacles you face is time. Despite over 3 1/2 hours of video and a 146-page eBook, you have access to a fast-track learning path that can easily be completed in a single one-hour session. The remainder of the course can then be used as an extensive resource unlike anything else available online.

The longer you wait, the more beautiful photos of precious moments and experiences you will miss.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to a basic understanding of photography first?
This system is designed to hold your hand and take you from basic concepts and build in complexity. This is about encouraging you to try new things and get you motivated. This system assumes no prior knowledge.
How long will the course take?

If time is an issue for you. You are not alone! I have included a webclass that quickly covers all the content n the course. You can then refer to the course on for more information on each topic discussed.

I have a separate quick win learning path that provides 80% of the content in 20% of the time. 

What format is the training?

This course is video-lesson based. You can start, pause and stop at any time. To accommodate different learning styles, you also get access to a substantial eBook version. The inclusion of the social wall and community is something that I am proud to be able to provide. The community of learning with other students and having continued, direct access to the course creator for personalised feedback is something we do not see enough online.

What camera, smartphone or extra gear do I need?
This course is steered toward supporting any mobile device user. However, photo composition is transferrable to all cameras. In the bonus video 'Composition in Editing,' I will be demonstrating the tools and techniques inside mobile apps.
In step 1, I discuss lens attachments. However, you do not need anything more than you already have to create those desired strong compositoinal photos!
I am not very technical. Will this work for me?
It may seem a little overwhelming learning over 100 different compositional tools. These are all listed and explained to provide the ultimate resource available. You only need to include one technique/tool from each of the four steps... and. you will create much stronger compositions than most photos out there. The results are quick and easy!
You can reach out to me on the social wall and community any time. Other students may even jump in before I finish typing a response!
Which apps do you use?
This photo composition system is not about what camera you have or what apps you download. But, seeing as you asked... we will be using Snapseed and Polarr. Both apps are free anad availabel on both Google Play store and Apple App Store.
Why not provide this system for free?
Why am I not just giving this to you for free? Because we don't value what we get for free. How many free eBooks, guides and courses have you not even opened. I know I have quite a few! You need a bit of 'skin in the game'. When you purchase something, we value it more. Because I know you can get the results and fulfilment you desire, the best way forward is to invest in yourself.
AND, I spent a looong time researching all the techniques and developing the system to make composition easy and fast. This sales page alone has taken me a week to produce!
How long is this price available?
There are no fake timers telling you to buy this now. This whole system is one step within my upcoming 'Complete Smartphone Photography Transformation: 4-Step System'. When that becomes available soon, It does not make sense to continue selling this one section on it's own. So... this is a limited time only offer at this reduced price. 
Get instant access to the
'Stronger Photo Composition: 4-Step System'

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