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Tack-sharp photos every time... without upgrading your smartphone!

Tack-sharp photos every time... 

without upgrading your smartphone!

Blurry to Tack-Sharp Photos: 4-Step System
  FREE workshop
Blurry to Tack-Sharp Photos: 4-Step System
  FREE workshop

I'm here to tell you the TRUTH you need to know about capturing tack-sharp details on a smartphone. One of the biggest problems you are facing is being underwhelmed by the sharpness and clarity of your photos. They look soft and lacking in detail instead of jumping off the screen!

That's not the worst part. You accept that result and blame it on your camera and desire an expensive upgrade. 

It is not your fault! Your smartphone camera does a great job of capturing a scene, automatically applying settings that do not prioritise sharp focus.

Imagine being able to confidently create tack-sharp photos every time in any conditions? Recover discarded photos and make them your new favourites.

Once you learn how to set up your smartphone, the scene, capture techniques, and advanced photo editing on your smartphone, your photos will look amazing online and printed, hung on your wall. 

Are you disappointed with blurry, low-resolution looking photos?
examples of sharp photos using the blurry to tack sharp photos 4 step system
example before and after photo sharpening using apps
Even your best photo intention, subject selection, and composition will be ruined by not being sharp! This brings up feelings of self-doubt, frustration, and being underwhelmed with the results.
Do you find yourself checking and deleting blurry, bad photos clogging up your phone... blaming your smartphone, believing it is too old, the screen is too small, or limited in features?
Here is the solution
Prepare the scene – prepare your camera – shooting techniques – mobile editing to bring out the details
Without the right techniques and tips, you are missing out on the potential of your photos and you as a mobile photographer.
This 4-step system delivered as a 1-hour webclass and full course is your key to quickly and comprehensively apply the best tips and techniques (without the jargon), so you can confidently create tack-sharp photos you did not think possible on your smartphone... and never miss a precious moment or take a blurry photo again.

Before we go further, let me share a quick story:
Capture and edit sharp details on your android iphone smartphone
What is the Blurry to Tack-Sharp Photos: 4-Step System?

This simple and powerful 4-step system webclass and course is the key to learning everything you need to confidently capture and edit tack-sharp photos you did not think possible on your smartphone and never have a blurry photo and miss a precious moment of photographic opportunity again.

STEP 1: Prepare the scene/subject
  • Moving and static subjects - avoid motion blur
  • Ambient and artificial lighting - improve photo quality
  • Environmental conditions - identify what to avoid
  • Background - control to make details stand out more
  • Lighting - highlight details and improve photo quality

Sometimes you cannot control the scene. This step assesses external environmental factors that you may be able to quickly adjust to dramatically improve the ability of your camera to autofocus better.

STEP 2: Prepare your camera
  • How to clean the lens - to avoid finger smear!
  • Resolution and capture modes - camera performance
  • Lenses - extend capability without losing sharpness
  • Manual camera - maximise camera performance
  • ISO and shutter speed - minimise noise and blur

Cleaning the lens sounds obvious. It is often the cause of a blurry photo! Check out this lesson for FREE below. This module is a bit technical as we squeeze more performance out of your camera.

STEP 3: Shooting techniques
  • Camera stability - tripod and tips to avoid motion blur
  • Manual focus - precisely see the areas in focus
  • Focus peaking - extra tip no-one knows about
  • Shooting modes - your choice affects the details

Now that you have set up the scene and camera, this is the fun step - taking the photo! In the previous steps, you are controlling subject movement, camera settings and now camera movement.

STEP 4: Basic to advanced editing
  • Selective sharpening - add exactly where you want
  • Advanced sharpening - achieve professional results
  • Photo noise - discover how to avoid and minimise
  • Focus stacking - push beyond the phone limits

The real photo transformation is editing existing and future photos. Most steps that you may have missed or unable to control in the previous steps can be repaired, introduced or enhanced in editing.

"Mike is honest and open in assessing people's photographs. He gives good advice in a very kind way and recommend his training and the way he does things"

Jenny Nolt

Disappointed in the clarity & sharpness of her photos to "Some of my photos are looking extremely good. I'm very happy with the results"

Cheryle Matthews

"Mike's communication skills are excellent and he can speak to me in a learner language that I can understand and make everything sound so easy."

Terry Turkington

"Mike is very personable, professional photographer, professional trainer who can guide you to getting the most out of your smartphone photographically and for your editing"

Terry Betts

How is this different from other training?

This system delivers you faster results in less time! You can watch, pause, rewind and replay the 1-hour webclass and individual bite-sized video lessons anytime, online or offline across all devices. Other trainers explain how to use sharpening tools and techniques. You will also learn why and when to use tools to get the best results.

As adults, we all learn differently. The web class, video, printable PDF, bonus video presentations, continued contact and project-based learning through the community will complement your learning styles – auditory, verbal, social, solitary, auditory and physical.

You will not feel abandoned and left to your own. You will have access to a member-only section withn the community forum to have your questions answeredi. What other course gives you direct access to the course creator long after you have enrolled in a course?

ebook blurry to tacj-sharp photos and incredible details iphone android smartphone
VIDEO COURSE - Tack-Sharp Photos: 4-Step System

3 hours of video lessons

My in-person group workshop fee is $199 per hour per person. I used to think in-person workshops were the best way to learn. You could be hands-on and ask questions at any time. That is the downside, everyone asks questions taking time away from your development.

You can learn at your own pace and have direct support from me when needed in the course comments or inside our wonderful community.
BONUS: Printable PDF course workbook 

All the techniques and tips in one PDF.

This PDF may be your preferred option to learn quickly by skim reading the content, so you can save time... and get out there shooting more!

Inside the Smartphone Photography TRaining Membership Area, you will have access to the PDF. Once you click the URL, you will also be able to download a printable version. 
BONUS: 1-hour presentation of this system 

Your key to taking in the content quickly

This saves you time by identifying the sections you may want to take a deep dive into specific video lessons

This Live recording was an option for early students to have questions answered directly. You will find this recording inside the bonus section of the course.
ebook blurry to tacj-sharp photos and incredible details iphone android smartphone bonus lightroom presentation
BONUS: Adobe Lightroom mobile workshop 

A great overview of the Adobe Lightroom app in 1 hour

This recording delivered online to a camera club is your key to discover the great features inside the Lightroom mobile app, so you can play around inside with confidence... and start to take your photos to the next level.

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smartphone photography community page
BONUS: Community forum and other included courses

Do not feel abandoned after the course. Join the community forum where you feel you belong. This is where you can introduce yourself to other photo enthusiasts just like you, post photos for feedback, participate in photo challenges and more.
After you enol, you will get access to a membersite area, hosting this course, the forum and all my best content  all in the single location!
smartphone photography community page
BONUS: Direct chat with Mike James (other charge hundreds for this)

You get continued direct access to me, Mike the course designer and presenter. You can ask any questions, ask for feedback.

What other online course offers that?
After you enrol you'll get instant access inside the Smartphone Photography Training Members Area
  • Click/tap the enrol page to order through the safe and secure order page
  • You will be redirected to a thank you page providing all the details you need to get started
  • Check your email for the access link, your username and temporary password
  • You will now have access to your enrolment, all your bonuses and extra free cool stuff
Your guarentee

30 day 100% money-back guarantee.

+ If you are not happy for any reason
+ If you simply don’t feel this is for you
+ Or even if you don’t like my accent or my enthusiasm :)

You’ll get 100% of your money back NO QUESTIONS ASKED EVER

That makes this an absolutely no-risk enrolment.
The longer you wait, the more precious photos you will miss or quickly discard as not good enough.
Frequently Asked Questions

This system is quick and easy to apply and will become second nature. It is a quick checklist to confidently create sharp photos without taking any longer to capture your photo. 
If a photo turns out blurry, you will have the required techniques to re-take or recover the details using your advanced mobile photo editing skills.
You will no longer need to take numerous photos, hoping one will turn out sharp. That empowerment to create tack-sharp photos and the ease of use of the smartphone, allows you to concentrate on your photo intention and find creative and powerful compositions.
One of the things I pride myself is my training design and delivery is the ability to remove the jargon and make this super easy.
I have taken all my 20 years of knowledge from a career of very technical photography and distilled it into a 4-step system that offers by far the greatest transformation... without getting ridiculously technical.
If you have a technical question, I am happy to geek out all day with you!
This course is designed to hold your hand and take you from basic concepts and build in complexity slightly. This is about encouraging you to try new things and get you motivated. This system assumes no prior knowledge.
That's ok. You do not need to wait until you have a flash new phone to take full advantage of this course. In fact, the older your smartphone the more transformational your photos will be!
The main apps you will use are Snapseed. Lightroom and TouchRetouch. We will move beyond the obvious tools and incorporate my techniques to get the absolute most out of these apps.

If time is an issue for you. You are not alone! I have included a replay of a Live 1-hour webclass that covered all the content in the course. You can then refer to the course on for more information on each topic discussed.

The course contains text and video lessons. If you are a Netflix binge-watcher, then you could easily get it done in a weekend! You also get access to our Facebook community for continued project and community-based learning long after you finish this course.

Why am I not just giving this to you for free? Because we don't value what we get for free. How many free eBooks, guides and courses have you not even opened. I know I have quite a few! You need a bit of 'skin in the game'. When you purchase something, we value it more. Because I know you can get the results and fulfilment you desire, the best way forward is to invest in yourself.
There are no fake timers telling you to buy this now. This whole system is one step within my upcoming 'Complete Smartphone Photography Transformation: 4-Step System'. When that becomes available soon, I it does not make sense to continue selling this one section on it's own. So... this is a limited time only offer at this reduced price. 
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