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The 15-step process is involves four phases:
> Photographic intention
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> Photo capture techniques
> Mobile photo editing to enhance the narrative

Workplace Photo Competition & Mobile Photography Workshop

Workplace Photo Competition & Mobile Photography Workshop

Running a photo competition together with a mobile photography workshop at the workplace brings numerous benefits to employers. It fosters creativity, builds camaraderie and teamwork, enhances employee engagement, promotes a positive work culture, showcases employee talents, sparks conversations and networking, celebrates diversity, supports well-being and stress relief, and boosts employer branding. By providing employees with a smartphone photography competition to express their creativity and engage in non-work-related activities, employers can create a vibrant and inclusive work environment while reaping the rewards of increased job satisfaction, and a positive workplace culture.

Benefits of running a workplace photo competition and mobile photography workshop

1. Fosters Creativity: By organizing a photo competition, employers provide a platform for employees to tap into their creativity. This cultivates innovative thinking and problem-solving skills, which can translate into fresh ideas and approaches in the workplace. Creativity is a valuable asset for companies seeking to stay competitive and adapt to changing market demands.

2. Builds Teamwork and Camaraderie: Hosting an online smartphone photography workshop in support of a photo competition brings employees together in a collaborative and supportive environment. It creates opportunities for colleagues to share ideas, and learn from one another. Improved teamwork and camaraderie contribute to a positive work atmosphere, increased employee satisfaction, and ultimately, higher productivity.

3. Promotes a Positive Work Culture: Hosting a photo competition showcases an employer's dedication to nurturing a positive work culture. It demonstrates that the organization values and supports employees' personal interests and talents, beyond their professional responsibilities. This fosters a sense of belonging, loyalty, and appreciation among employees, resulting in increased morale and a more vibrant workplace environment.

4. Showcases Employee Talents: A photo competition offers employees an opportunity to showcase their photography skills and artistic abilities. This recognition of their talents promotes a sense of pride and fulfillment, which can have a direct impact on employee motivation and job satisfaction. It also serves as a platform for employees to be acknowledged for their non-work-related skills, reinforcing a culture of recognition and appreciation.

5. Sparks Conversations and Networking: Through a photo competition, employees engage in conversations about their entries, techniques, and inspirations. This creates networking opportunities across different teams or departments, facilitating knowledge-sharing, collaboration, and relationship-building. Enhanced communication and collaboration can lead to improved teamwork, increased innovation, and better problem-solving within the organization.

6. Celebrates Diversity: Photography is a medium that allows individuals to express their unique perspectives and experiences. A workplace photo competition encourages employees to showcase their diverse cultural backgrounds, interests, and hobbies. This celebration of diversity fosters inclusivity and a sense of belonging among employees, ultimately contributing to a more vibrant and multicultural work environment.

7. Supports Well-being and Stress Relief: Engaging in creative activities, such as photography, provides a welcome break from work-related stressors. A photo competition serves as a stress-relieving outlet for employees, allowing them to recharge and find enjoyment in a different context. Prioritizing employee well-being leads to higher job satisfaction, reduced burnout, and increased productivity.

8. Boosts Employer Branding: A photo competition can be shared internally and externally, showcasing the positive and dynamic aspects of the workplace. This can significantly impact employer branding by portraying the organization as innovative, inclusive, and supportive. Positive employer branding attracts top talent, enhances recruitment efforts, and bolsters the company's reputation in the industry.

Online smartphone photography workshop and support running an engaged photo competition

Option 1: Single 45-90 minutes session - fast and fun.

Unleash your smartphone cameras full potential and enhance your photography skills. Learn to see, capture and edit your best photos in this single online workshop.

Topics include; secret camera features, capture techniques, photo intention/storytelling, composition (framing the photo) and my 6-step photo editing​ process to dramatically improve any of your favourite photos.

Each attendee receives a workbook of the content covered and lots of additional tutorials and instructional videos.

Option 2: Double session including a photo competition!

A double 60-minute workshop is the best delivery option for team bonding and anyone who wants to take beautiful photos!

Session 1: Mobile photography workshop and introduction to your photo competition
Unlock the hidden secrets to get the most out of your existing smartphone. You will learn photo capture techniques and powerful tricks to frame the photo. You will start feeling like an intentional, storytelling photographer!
A web page will be created for your group to easily submit photographs.

Session 2: Announce the winner of the photo competition - mobile photo editing workshop
We can work together to determine a suitable prize. Your staff will receive live feedback on their photos - discussing intention, composition and editing. This will lead into a mobile photo editing demonstration before a wrap up Q&A session.

** We can set up a dedicated web page for your photo competition with the photo upload option and workbook download links - sample page here. As your staff upload photos, you will have access to view their photos.


By considering these benefits and effectively organizing a mobile photography workshop and photo competition, employers can foster a more creative, engaged, and inclusive workplace environment while simultaneously reaping the advantages of a motivated and engaged workforce.

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