Capture floating levitation photos the easy way

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Episode 4 - Capture floating levitation photos the easy way.

In this podcast and YouTube episode, I talk you through an easy way to capture the fun, floating, levitation photos on your smartphone or any camera. The tip is using fishing line. Most of the time, you will not even have to remove the near-invisible line from the photo in editing. If you do, I recommend using the Retouch app by Adva-Soft. Connecting the fishing line to the ceiling using a low adhesive clip allows you the versatility of adjusting the line length the achieve the desired height of the floating object.

Surreal levitation photos examples exemplify the creative process. This is a fun activity to attempt yourself if are stuck at home in lockdown, isolation or just do not have the option to continue capturing the photos you normally enjoy. Without any boundaries, you can get as creative as you want.  You can also try the supported method. This is where you capture two photos: one of the background and another of the subject supported. In post-processing, you can 'stack' the photos and remove the supporting elements of the second photo revealing the original background.

This technique is called double exposure and masking. Apps that I recommend to achieve this on your smartphone is Adobe Mix. If you have an iPhone, I like the extra masking tools inside another app named Superimpose X. This is the most popular levitation photography process. However, to get started quickly with just your iPhone or Android smartphone, simply use a fishing line!

Be prepared for a little frustration using the timer or remote shutter to get that perfectly timed floating object. Keep persisting though, as this is a really fun project.

Passionate - Creative - Curious

- Mike


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