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Batch edit iPhone photos to improve your Instagram feed - Batched app

Batch edit iPhone photos to improve your Instagram feed - Batched app

Batch photo editing using iPhone Batched app

Batched app - iOS and iPadOS

An aesthetically pleasing and coherent Instagram feed is nice to have and look at. But, achieving this is easier said than done. After considering the story/narrative of the photo, and composition, you next need to consider editing. Giving them the look that you're aiming for is another, much harder task.

A few commonly referred to ways to create that desired Instagram feed is a consistent color palette, style, filter or theme, cropping style and planning.

If you lare already attempting to consistently create that certain style and recognisable look, you may be familiar with the struggle of a preset working on one photo and ruining another.

This is where Batched comes in. This batch photo editing tool is an iPhone app developed by ADVA Soft. It may be the solution that you're looking for when it comes to all your photo editing needs. Interested? Let's learn more about this in the following sections.

batched appcan help create a consistant instagram feed
batched app can help create a consistant instagram feed
Create a coherent Instagram Layout

Perfect for perfectionists (like me) and small businesses who want their Instagram photos to look similar with a recognisable style.

You can see exactly what the next 25 photos are going to look like after you edit or use the color transfer tool and export them ready to upload.

First, what exactly is Batched?

Batched is a photo editing tool made especially for iPhones. It was developed by ADVA Soft and was released just this year, 2022.

Batched runs on a link-based technology, allowing you to link 2 or more photos at the same time. Think about how easy it will be to compare different poses and choose which photos to share. The app will be a big help since you can now say goodbye to the painstakingly long way of editing every single photo that you need manually.

How is Batched different to presets?

Short answer... a preset is a single step short cut to repeat the same photo editing to a photo. Batched allows you to see exactly how an editing workflow will enhance your next 25 photos in a grid view format. This view looks like the IG feed in your profile... super convenient.

You know the benefits of editing several photos the same way. Even if it only consists of simple modifications, whether it's a change in exposure, contrast, or highlights, you can't deny that it takes a lot of time and effort. Not to mention, the process can also be inconvenient.

How is Batched different from other editing apps?

We are spoilt for editing app choices. Batched is a unique must have iPhone editing app.

But, what makes this most unique is its simultaneous photo editing feature. It's an innovative function that most apps don't have yet fills a capability gap you need to have. You can also rest assured that it didn't compensate for its other editing tools and quality just to provide this feature. Batched has many advanced editing tools that you will find inside Adobe Lightroom mobile.

Batched offers filters, modification settings, a unique color transfer and a lot more things that you can expect from other apps.

Another thing that makes Batched different is its purpose. Apart from the main goal of being an innovative app, it also has a bigger aim of helping Ukraine through donations. ADVA Soft is donating profits from the subscriptions directly to aid the country during these hard times.

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Improve Instagram feed Batch photo editing using iPhone Batched app
How to Edit Photos Using Batched

Editing photos using Batched is straightforward.
1. Take multiple photos using your iPhone
2. Open the app, select the photos that you want to edit
3. Make simultaneous adjustments to all the photos
4. Deselect individual photos to make unique adjustments
5. Export the selected photos to your phone

Linking is also an easy, one-click process. You just need to open the app, and you will already be walked through the instructions. There's no need to worry about going through complex steps.

Batch photo editing using iPhone Batched app
Features and functionalities of Batched

If you're still not convinced on whether you should install Batched or not, let's talk about all the features that you can access in the app. See the following sections below:

Different view modes
We all know how difficult it is to navigate across different photos and select multiple files using just the iPhone's built-in system.
To make the experience better for you, Batched offers 2 or 3 photos per row. You can also double-tap a photo to zoom view a single photo. You then tap on the edge of the photo to move to the next photo.

Complete editing tools
Batched has a long list of editing tools at your disposal directly on your iPhone. Below is a list of everything that you can use in your photos:
1. Light - This feature will let you adjust a photo's brightness, contrast, shadows, and likes.
2. Color - This tool is what you will need if you want to adjust the hues, saturation, and temperature of the photo.
3. Details - This tool will help you if you want to make your photo look clearer and sharper.
4. Transform - This tool will let you rotate, skew, crop, and change the perspective angle of a photo. This feature will allow you to recompose the photo.
5. Color Transfer - This bespoke Batched feature will let you change the color scheme of a photo-based on another photo reference. You can upload one of your photos or browse one from the provided Unsplash free stock photo library.
6. Filters - Here, you can access a lot of filters and pre-made modifications, which you can use on all your photos.
7. Object Removal - A more advanced yet made-easy feature is the Object Removal tool. This will let you erase blemishes, flaws, and any other object that you want to remove from your photos.
8. Clone Stamp - If you want to remove or reproduce anything from your photo, this feature will do the job for you.
9. Color Standout - The Color Standout tool will let you make a certain color of your choice to stand out or be the most vibrant one in a photo.
10. Duotone - If you use your smartphone to take pictures for marketing and advertisement needs, then this Duotone tool will create an instantly recognisable style
11. Split Tone - The Split Tone tool will be handy for creatives who want to make the colors of their pictures pop by having different colors for the shadows and highlights. This is best if you think your photo looks a little bland and can't be solved by just an adjustment in saturation.
12. Selective Hue - This tool is almost like the Split Tone tool, except that this changes the colors of the picture's hue, saturation, and lightness. Apart from Color Transfer, this is my favorite color tool in Batched.
13. Curves - If you're an expert who knows how to work with the RGB colors of a photo, then the Curves tool will let you have full control of color casts.

Filters improve Instagram feed using iPhone Batched app

All in all, it's safe to say that Batched is probably one of the hottest photo editing tools in the market right now.
This is a must-have app for simultaneous batch editing and access to the long list of editing tools, including the unique color transfer tool.

Some of these tools are reserved for premium monthly or yearly subscriptions. You can still access the features, but you won't be able to save and share them unless you pay for the premium.

Considering that there are a lot of features, it is well worth the investment to further enjoy your smartphone photography... oh and the improved results. You should consider getting access to all the features, plus it is a small way to help Ukraine.

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