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Innovabuzz Podcast Interview - Capture and Create Engaging Photos

Innovabuzz Podcast Interview - Capture and Create Engaging Photos

Recently, I had the pleasure of being a podcast guest on the Innovabuzz podcast talking about creating engaging photos. This conversation is just as relevant is you are a photo enthusiast or small business owner wanting to engage with your audience through visual storytelling.

This was such a privilege to be interviewed by Jürgen. I have been a long time listener to the podcast.  When you look at the calibre of previous guests, it is an honour to be included in that group. 

Who is the Innovabuzz podcast?

The InnovaBuzz Podcast explores the minds of innovators, entrepreneurs and creatives. You'll learn about values, strategies, tactics and mindsets from some of the world's most successful entrepreneurs.

Host: Jürgen Strauss has held meaningful conversations with entrepreneurs from all around the world gaining insight into what they do and the value they add to the rest of the world.

Key discussion points and takeaways
  • Always remember why you are in business, sharing my personal story (my why) and what motivates and inspires me to keep going. 
  • My two rules to creating content and any collaborations with other creators and educators – will it transform my customers  transformation and will it bring me joy
  • My mission is to help smartphone photographers become more confident and creative in taking photos using their phones, and not rely on technology so much.
  • Photography is one of those things that give people an outlet. It allows them to spend some time alone; to go out and connect with the environment
  • Designing training requires delivering to different adult learning styles. This was one of the reasons for a social wall in every course and forum for the wider audience
  • People get the most of the community when they contribute and share their experiences to help other people. We learn so much by teaching.
  • Be intentional about your photos. Pause for a moment to think about what your motivation is for taking that photo. When you start with intention, everything just flows.
  • An intention could be a call to action for a small business Instagram account. Think about the story you'd like to tell to create an engaging photo
  • Place the main subject off the centre and then position the contextual elements around the frame in such a way that creates depth.
  • Intention helps you change your angle to make the main subject or story stand out, and get rid of distracting elements that don't add up to that story.
  • When taking a photo using your smartphone, tap the screen to select the focus. Swipe up and down to adjust the brightness, and make sure that your elbows are stable.
  • Don't just smack the main subject in the middle of the frame. Position the main subject off the centre so that it gives your eye the space to move around and pick up other elements to create a visual journey.
  • Storytelling in photography is all about creating a path. It is what creates an engaging photo.
  • Mobile photo editing helps to enhance the viewer experience. There is no such thing as right and wrong when it comes to editing. It is a personal preference what you do and how strong the adjustments are. 
  • Stop putting too much pressure on yourself to come up with your own photographic style. A style is basically your personal preference. It is what gives you enjoyment with your photos.
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I bring the energy that promotes audience participation to maintain attention. My goal is to help you create the best podcast yet.

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