Interview: Ross Park shares his black and white apps and unique techniques

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Ross Park shares his instantly recognisable & unique style

What is your story - why and how did you get into mobile photography?
From the age of 11, I started my interest in photography with a Minolta film Camera, then I moved to a Pentax P30. There was always something special about using your 36 exposure film wisely and waiting for the results! Then life got in the way for a while so photography took a back seat. I came back into digital photography with a 3.2mb Fujifilm Camera. Then I upgraded to a Nikon D40 then D90 and then a Panasonic G3, however, having a young family meant stopping to take a camera out of the bag was becoming cumbersome. So I moved on to using an iPhone 5, this was my first move into mobile photography.

What are your mobile device and top five apps?
I currently use an iPhone 6S. My top 5 apps would be Camera+, Hipstamatic, SimplyB&W, Simply HDR and Instagram.

How would you describe your style and how did you discover it?
I am still working on style but I would describe it as "life moment capture", I suppose I discovered it by accident. It started by me snapping a picture and then editing it into Black and White, I liked the edge it gave the photo and my style was born!

What is something you're still learning?
The learning never stops, but right now I am trying to get to grips with the SlowShutter Cam app and to continue working on my editing skills. I recently downloaded the Priime and Filmeborn apps and I am looking forward to playing with those.

What's the best part of being a mobile photographer?
The best part for me is always having my phone with me and with a flick of my thumb having a camera available.

How do you find and decide your subjects and stories to photograph?
I do this by always looking around, always hoping for a moment. Most times a moment has always presented itself, sometimes I do go on the hunt for one.

What are your top three tips for creating your photos, rather than capturing a happy snap?
My top tips are - find your moment, imagine how the photo will look edited to your style, take it!

Do you have a typical capturing and editing process?
I like to keep my workflow simple, shoot in Camera+ then edit in Simply HDR finally convert to black and white in SimplyB&W.

What advice do you have for those just discovering their passion for mobile photography?
Go out have fun, enjoy taking photos and editing. Never be afraid to try something new with your camera. Be confident, everyone has a smartphone, no one will notice you snapping away.
Ross Park shares his favourite apps to create his unique and instantly recognisable style
Ross Park shares his favourite apps to create his unique and instantly recognisable style
Check out more stunning mobile photography by Ross on Instagram @BristolRoss
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