Discover the powerful camera & photo editing features of this amazing app

Discover the powerful camera & photo editing features of this amazing app
Over 20 pages & 2 1/2 hours of video!
Don't be intimidated by Adobe Lightroom app

After trialing more than 100 different mobile photo editing apps, the Adobe Lightroom app is one of my favourites.

If the thought of using an Adobe product is a little daunting, you are not alone. This app provides you with a powerful full manual control camera and photo editor. There are a lot of tools that can be a bit overwhelming. 

Learn what every tool does and most importantly when you would use them. 

Take FULL MANUAL control of your Android and iPhone camera!

Want to capture photos you did not think possible on your smartphone?

Discover how you can use Adobe Lightroom mobile app to exceed the current capability of your smartphone camera in auto mode. A camera replacement app changes the interface and accesses manual controls you find on 'big' cameras.

You can now take creative control of your camera and reduce the photo degradation typically experienced when allowing the phone to choose the settings it thinks you want and need!

This eBook introduces and explains the different Adobe Lightroom mobile app camera features:

  • Manual focus - achieve more accurate focus
  • White balance - correct or enhance colour casts
  • ISO - Signal gain of your camera sensor
  • Shutter speed - reduce or introduce motion blur
  • Exposure compensation - intentionally brighten/darken the photo
  • Live filters - overlay different photo looks as you capture the photo
  • Lens selection - over-ride which lens you want to creatively use
  • File format - switch between Jpeg and raw DNG 
Your complete powerful PHOTO EDITING app

Create the best possible version of your photo using this advanced editor

Learning how to make full use of Lightroom mobile app will outperform any smartphone upgrade. Discover the easy through to more advanced tools. Inside the eBook I break down how each tool works and how it affects your photo.

To cater to your learning style, I have included over an hour of video as a 3-part series explaining all 30 tools and more! These videos are viewable inside the eBook viewed in your internet browser. 

  • Cropping - the most important step in editing
  • Presets and Profiles
  • Auto - a great start to your edit
  • Optical and Geometry - fix lens and perspective distortions
  • White Balance, Vibrance and Saturation - learn the differences
  • Color Mix and Target Tool - individual color adjustments
  • Color Grading - previously known as Duo Tone, introduce color to different tonal range
  • White and Black - learn how to continue adjusting colour in a black and white photo!
  • Histogram - this is the best tool to visually recognise what adjustments are doing to your tonal range
  • Exposure, Contrast, Highlights and Shadows - precise tonal range adjustments
  • Black, White Point and Tone Curve - adjust the dynamic range
  • Sharpening, Radius, Detail and Noise Reduction - extract and balance sharpeness and artefacts
  • Texture, Clarity and Dehaze - each tool is amazing. The correct combination is even better!
  • Vignette and Selective - start directing the attention of your viewer where you want
  • Healing - remove unwanted objects. I also share my favourite app for this objective
  • Versions - locate and save restoration points to create quick before and after photos
  • Watermark - add a quick text or graphic watermark to identify your photos
  • Guided Tutorials and Discovery - Adobe have some great resourcesinside the app to learn and be inspired

At the planning stage, I scripted 30 editing tools. In the actual 3-part series video recording I covered 40 individual tools!

Bonus: 1-hour Lightroom presentation recording ($199 value)

During paid camera club presentations and more advanced in-person workshops, I provide this eBook as a workbook.

It contains all the content discussed in the workshop and more, including video tutorials.

This workbook allows participants the opportunity to revise the content after the workshop. As adult learners, we all process and retain information differently. Some prefer to read in their own time and at their own pace.

After delivering hundreds of workshops, this content has been refined through feedback and my own further development in smartphone photography and training delivery.

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