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How to photo backup your smartphone full of photos ...

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How to photo backup your smartphone full of photos ...

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Episode 3 - How to backup your iPhone and Android smartphone containing tens of thousands of photos

In this episode, I share my photo backup process for securing my family and photography business photos. Choosing the right back up photo backup strategy is a personal preference. You will need to weigh up the risks, convenience and costs. Do you archive/backup to the cloud, to the C drive on your computer, an external hard drive and do you do a combination of these?

Do you have an old phone full of photos sitting in your drawer?

There are some free options to archive and backup your photos, like Google Photos - that is about to change. Some options will save a reduced file resolution size, are difficult to synchronise across devices or download as a zip folder when you want to access them online.

Personally, my family, travel and experience photos are extremely important to me. I do want to take any risks. I have all our devices backed up on the iCloud, then synchronised to an external hard drive on our PC. As an extra layer of protection, I then have the external hard drive backed up in the cloud using a service called Backblaze.

My photography and business photos are mostly captured using the Adobe Lightroom camera feature. This stores all the photos locally on my iPhone separate from the personal photos in the Photos app (camera roll). Having a lower risk threshold, I am happy to offload these manually by sharing them directly on the iPhone into a Microsoft OneDrive folder in the cloud. This makes me much more selective about what I backup. I like One Drive because the photos are saved in full resolution for any future editing. Adobe subscription will be a fantastic choice for many. Your photos are automatically synchronised across all devices, including your PC or Mac.

Other options, include Dropbox and OneDrive apps that will automatically upload to the cloud as soon as your smartphone is plugged into power and connected to WiFi. This is very convenient when travelling and staying in accommodation with WiFi.

In this episode, I do not tell what you what photo backup process, apps or services you need to be using. I do not even show in the YouTube video how to use the tools available. The options all have pros/cons and the interface and pricing structures change regularly.

Do your homework and consider what level of multi-layer protection you need for your photos.

Passionate - Creative - Curious

- Mike

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