Create Stronger Photo Composition Anywhere - The NEW Way

Are you limited to the same basic techniques or entirely overwhelmed by the number of techniques available?

This book is the EXACT process of planning, capturing and editing composition to create photos you will be proud to print, post and share

Perfect gift for any photographer?

You know how hard it is to come up with a truly thoughtful gift!

Amateur photographers using any camera, to the most adept professional will learn new techniques and tips in this book.

Have you ever had someone ask you what you want for your birthday or Christmas? This is the gift that gives you a lifetime of enhanced enjoyment in your photography.

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Very helpful even for mobile users
"This book has so many ideas and tips I know I'll need to read it more than once! There is a lot of information here, including techniques, discussions of photographic principles and design, and examples, thankfully, with lots of photos to help explain the ideas. I found this book useful even for beginners using mobile phones (like me). I particularly liked the technique lists at the end of each section and the practice activities at the end of the book. I'll be referring to this often as I try to improve my skills, it's a great resource."

- K. Palmer

An exceptional addition to the world of photographic thought and technique
"Mike offers his readers, in a most accessible way, an outstanding approach to composition, as he combines all of his learning from the last 20 years of photography to help everyone else take amazing photos. His warm manner of reading and engaging personal style makes his book very easy and enjoyable to read. Being a photographer myself, I am excited to let you know that I have personally gained so much from his wisdom and experience. I know you too will benefit."

- Ralph Mayhew Photography

A very comprehensive look at composition
"Mike James has put so much thought into this book. If you've ever wanted to know anything about composition, one of the most important fundamentals of photography, look no further. I've been practising photography for decades and Mike's book has introduced me to a lot of new ideas regarding composition, so many that it makes me want to get out and shoot even more to try new things. Mike James is brilliant and this book is a must-have for any photography enthusiast. A superb learning tool."

- Greg McMillan - The iPhoneography Podcast

Content rich - exceeds any other book or YouTube
"I never thought someone could provide so much detail on photo composition. I truly do not believe there is another book that covers composition to the depth that is taken in this book.
I've found that I go back to re-read much of the content to make sure I'm able to put into practice all that is contained in this book. The detail goes well beyond framing a subject and using grid lines to make sure you place your subject properly. I have taken classes and read books that cover photo composition but no one has ever spent this much time to cover the topic to make sure you get it right."

- Tod W

Imagine this
  • Feel less frustrated and underwhelmed with your compositions
  • Intuitively find and create an interesting composition in any situation
  • Be empowered to 'stack' techniques to create stronger photos
  • Critique your own work and model your favourite photographer's photos
  • Creatively shooting with intention, seeing the world as more abstract
  • Attract, hold and guide the viewer attention in your storytelling photo
Spoiler alert!
Here are the four steps covered in depth in the book
STEP 1: Prepare and position the camera
  • Capture height
  • Subject to lens distortion
  • Perspective distortion 
  • Forced perspective - depth
  • Symmetry  - vertical, horizontal, spiral & radial
  • & 26 more!

The simplest control you have in the composition is the position of you and the camera. Even the slightest of tweaks can dramatic improvements to perspective, orientation and use of light direction.

STEP 2: Position of the subject in the frame
  • Off-centre
  • Isolation
  • Fill the frame
  • Focal point
  • Left to right
  • & 16 more!

Step two is intended to have you thinking about the photography intention and narrative. Where do you position the visual anchor - emphasis or dominant element for the viewer's attention to settle.

STEP 3: Position the supporting elements
  • Foreground interest
  • Juxtaposition
  • Minimalism
  • Scale
  • Layering
  • & 29  more!

The addition, subtraction, or placement of visual elements and how they interact impact the attraction and direction of the viewer's eye. This is a fundamental part of constructing a photo more purposefully.

STEP 4: Composition mobile editing tools
  • Spot colour 
  • Differential focus
  • Depth - diminished clarity & tone
  • Frame edges - border patrol
  • Closure - filling in the blank
  • & 20 more!

This is the fun part of the composition. You have the basic structure that has the biggest impact all sorted. Now you get to add the finer visual cues to elevate composition to the next level.

The secret sauce: 'composition stacking'
Your favourite photos all have one thing in common... they all have multiple composition techniques. All you have to do is include one or more techniques from each step of the system.
See how quickly and easily you can compound the strength of the composition by introducing multiple composition techniques. You will very quickly start creating photos that have double-digit photography composition techniques!
This photo of row boats on the foreshore has 50 different composition techniques and tools. How many can you spot?
Easy to read/follow. Great tips!
"Well done Mike, a thoroughly comprehensive book that's easy to read and follow. One that I'll keep returning to as I strive to improve my photographic knowledge and practice. It's totally relatable whether you're a beginner or an experienced photographer and the principles work if you have the basic Phone Cam or the latest DSLR!"

- Caroline

Over the top comprehensive
"The book is jam-packed with everything you will ever need to know about photo composition. There are photos to show you what works best and the written content tells you why it works. It will become my "go-to" reference book for composition"

- James Della Volpe

Brilliant book
"Just like Mike's online courses, this book is very well written, to the point and with minimal technical jargon.

Applying these techniques will enhance your photos. You feel encouraged to try different angles and take meaningful, more thoughtful pics."

- PM Benbassat

Only photography book you'll need!
"Easy to read, easy to apply relevant advice that makes sense no matter what level of photographer you are. If you're like me and just take photos on your mobile phone, this is all you need to make them amazing."

- Jane. B

Very accessible. Helped me a lot
"This book is so well structured and easy to follow. I found it very useful and it has helped me a lot. I can see the results. I certainly recommend it"

- Amazon Customer

The go to book for photo composition.
"This an absolute must buy for anyone interested in photography who would like some help with composing better photos. This book is a comprehensive guide on all aspects of composition. Although primarily aimed at mobile phone photographers this would also benefit any photographers wishing to improve their composition. I cannot recommend this book highly enough, it is superb, in clear, precise language and with some great photos for illustration. Don't hesitate just buy it, you won't regret it. Thanks, Mike for this wonderful aid to improving my photos."

- Mark Johnson

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