Camera Club Guest Speaker and Workshop!
Online and in-person
Are your camera club talks starting to cover similar topics and content you have already covered?
Finding new and exciting guest speakers for your in-person camera club is hard. However, you are no longer restricted to  photography guest presenter in your local area. 
Thanks to Zoom, you can provide your camera club members a unique and popular smartphone photography session that no one else is offering. 
Quality presentations are necessary to stay competitive, retain and attract new members at your camera club, photography society or photography Meetup group.
Why do people join camera clubs and attend speaker nights?
Your members are there to connect, be inspired and learn new techniques and tips to enhance their enjoyment of photography. It does not matter what camera or lens they have. Everyone has a smartphone that they can learn and love photography. 
camera club presenter competition judge
Camera Club Presenter Mike James - Smartphone photography and photo composition
Talk Topics

Option 1: Smartphone Photography - hidden camera features, apps and mobile editing

Unleash your smartphone cameras full potential and enhance your photography skills. Learn to see, capture and edit your best photos in this single online workshop.

Topics include secret camera features - capture techniques - photo intention/storytelling - composition (framing the photo) - extend your camera capabilities using lens attachments - and my 6-step photo editing​ process to dramatically improve any of your favourite photos.

Before and after photo example of what to expect in a camera club presentation talk

Option 2: Narrative Photography - based on the book 'Photo Composition - 4-Step System'

Based on my published book: Stronger Photo Composition 4-Step System - over 100 composition techniques and tools. We have a conversation about photographic intention, storytelling, narrative and the  composition system that 'stacks' techniques.

Composition is the number one struggle for all levels of photographer. This presentation helps your members to intuitively create a more intentional image without being stifled by rules and principles.

The 4-step system creates a compelling and stronger photo composition by applying multiple techniques from each of the following steps in the system:

  • Position yourself and the camera
  • Position the main visual anchor (subject)
  • Position contextual elements in the frame
  • Editing techniques and tools to enhance the visual hierarchy

Bonus inclusion: Every club member will receive for FREE a PDF copy of my 176 page book 'Stronger Photo Composition 4-Step System - over 100 techniques and tools... worth $15 on Amazon with a 4.8 star rating.

Group 1/2 Day Workshop - 'Narrative Photography'

You will feel empowered with intentional framing as you design and control the hierarchy of visual elements. The next step to enhancing the viewer experience is photo editing to guide their attention around the image.

First session: 90-minutes:
> Photographic intention;
> Narrative and storytelling; and
> Stronger photo composition 4-step system

Practical activity: Take a break for an hour in-between sessions to undertake your guided practical activity.

Second session: 90-minutes:
> Practical activity discussion and photo feedback;
> Mobile photo editing to enhance the narrative; and
> Q&A session and key takeaways learned

Organise a workshop for your club - (minimum of 4 attendees)

This interactive workshop requires attendance with your smartphone or tablet.

Rates (USD - based in Australia and delivering worldwide)
Online Zoom delivery
Guest talk/presentation to the club - $199 per group
1/2 day 'Narrative Photography' workshop - $199 per person
In-person delivery
In-person pricing requires an additional $40 per hour from Geelong and any incurred accomadation and meal expenses.
What to expect when you contact me
After your consideration – please hit the below 'Email Mike here' button. We will have an initial discussion to understand your needs. I can create the content and a n optional webpage specific to your audience.

My goal is to best fit in with your club and make your job easier by meeting your objectives and have your members talking about the session you arranged long after the night.
What clients have to say
"Mike James is an enthusiastic, energetic and passionate presenter with many years of experience using both cameras and phones. It is often hard to find good judges that can give positive and constructive comments about the images they are asked to judge."
"Mike has judged our photographic competitions in the past and his detailed comments, in jargon-free language, was well-received by all members. His comments enabled them to feel they could improve their photography in areas he highlighted. After the judging, Mike freely gave his time to talk to members individually when approached to gain further information in regard to their images"

"We arranged smartphone photography training with Mike for tourism businesses, which truly delivered on our goal of giving people simple tips and tools to help them capture more engaging professional photos using their phone."
About the facilitator - Mike James
BIO: Mike James is one of Australia's most dynamic and sought after speakers and trainers in the field of mobile photography. He has over 25 years of experience in photography, delivering training and instructional design. He prides himself on delivering extraordinary value, in an enthusiastic, engaged and intelligent way. Mikes' passion comes from being on a mission to help you become more photography literate without the jargon – leaving you inspired, confident and ready to create stunning images.

How am I different?

I am a passionate, enthusiastic speaker that brings that extra energy and promotes audience participation to maintain attention. You will not experience a PowerPoint presentation of my favourite photos. During my talks on smartphone photography and/or photo composition I ask the audience lots of questions to make the content relevant to them. Delivering regular workshops and presentations, I am flexible and mix it up to match the audience.

After my presentations I ask the audience for their take away points so we can all collectively walk away with some new techniques, tips, inspiration, confidence and maybe even a few transformative ideas.

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