Team Building Smartphone Photography Contest
In these modern times of the virtual and hybrid workplace, fostering a sense of togetherness and camaraderie among team members is crucial for productivity, trust, collaboration, and overall employee satisfaction.
A simple yet engaging activity, such as a smartphone photography contest with a theme, can work wonders in bringing people closer together. Combined with a one hour smartphone photography workshop, staff will fee empowered to create photos they can be proud to share with colleagues.
The Importance of Team Building:
By engaging employees in team building exercises, organizations can strengthen their bonds and create an environment where everyone feels connected, valued, and supported. It promotes a positive work culture, improves communication, boosts morale, and ultimately enhances overall performance. A smartphone photography workshop is a special experience for employees for a simple morale boost and social time!
Benefits of a Smartphone Photography Contest:
1. Inclusive and Engaging: A smartphone photography contest allows every team member, regardless of their role or location, to participate and contribute. It provides an opportunity for individuals to showcase their creativity, share glimpses of their lives, and discover common interests among colleagues.
2. Strengthening Connections: By sharing their photos and discussing them within the team, employees gain insights into each other's personalities, passions, and experiences. This deepens the connection among team members, fostering empathy and understanding beyond work-related discussions.

3. Encouraging Collaboration: To enhance the sense of teamwork, the contest can be designed with collaborative elements. For instance, teams can be formed, and participants can work together to create themed photo collections. This collaborative approach encourages communication, problem-solving, and collective creativity.

4. Fostering Learning: A smartphone photography contest provides an opportunity for team members to learn from each other. As participants share their techniques, editing skills, and composition tips, others can gain valuable insights and improve their own photography abilities. This knowledge exchange strengthens the bonds within the team and enhances the overall skill set of the group.
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5. Boosting Morale and Well-being: Engaging in an enjoyable activity like smartphone photography brings joy and a sense of accomplishment. It allows employees to take a break from their work responsibilities and focus on something they genuinely enjoy. This positive experience boosts morale, reduces stress, and promotes overall well-being.

6. Showcasing Diverse Perspectives: Through smartphone photography, employees can express their unique perspectives and cultures. By sharing photos of their daily lives, traditions, and surroundings, team members gain a deeper appreciation for diversity. This celebration of differences fosters an inclusive work environment where everyone feels respected and valued.

7. Enhancing Creativity: Photography is a powerful form of artistic expression. By participating in a smartphone photography contest, employees are encouraged to think creatively, explore different angles, capture unique moments and improve their attention to detail and observations skills. This creativity spills over into their work, as they bring fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to their projects.

8. Creating Lasting Memories: The photos captured during the contest become lasting memories of the shared experience. These memories can be cherished and revisited, serving as a reminder of the bonds formed and the fun moments shared within the team. It creates a sense of nostalgia and strengthens the team's identity.
Organizing your own Mobile Photography Contest:
Obviously, I would love to be involved in your photography contest by hosting a one hour workshop and then handle the logistics of the the photo uploads, judging the winner. The team building in stealth mode then happens when we get together for a second time to announce the winner, have everyone talk about their photos and receive feedback.

However, you can host your own smartphone photography contest. To make the most of a smartphone photography contest as a team-building activity, consider the following steps:

1. Set a Theme: Choose a theme that allows participants to showcase their creativity and aligns with the company's values or current initiatives. This could be something broad like vacations, the local region or more specific to the team's interests.

2. Establish Guidelines: Clearly communicate the rules, deadlines, and criteria for participation and judging. Ensure that the contest is inclusive, and provide resources or tips on smartphone photography techniques for those who may be less experienced.

3. Foster Collaboration: Encourage participants to form teams or partnerships to collaborate on creating themed photo collections. This promotes teamwork, encourages communication, and strengthens relationships within the team.

4. Create an Online Platform: Utilize online platforms, such as a dedicated website or a shared cloud-based folder, where participants can upload and showcase their photos. This provides a centralized space for discussions, feedback, and voting.

5. Engage the Whole Team: Involve the entire team in the process by encouraging everyone to view and comment on the submitted photos. This interactive engagement builds a sense of community and appreciation for each other's work.

6. Celebrate and Award: Conclude the contest with a virtual event where participants can share their experiences, discuss their photos, and celebrate the winners. Recognize and reward the efforts of the participants to further boost morale and motivation.
Smartphone Photography Training Can Host Your Team Building Photo Contest
Dealing direct with Mike James at Smartphone Photography Training, you do not need to concern yourself with unproven third party hosts or the logistics of how to upload photos, share tips and how to objectively judge the winner/s.

1. Email myself (Mike) here or via the button below to discuss your group, dates/times of either a single or double workshop and pricing. We can jump on a Zoom call anytime.

2. I will then create a personalized web page to share with your team. It will have your logo, workshop details, a link to a downloadable workbook and a link for the team to upload photos for the photography contest.

Here is an example of your photography contest page - link here

3. Share your unique page with your colleagues announcing the Zoom call date/s and prize/s. Start to build the hype and get everyone excited.

4. First workshop: I will have a conversation with the participants about learning and loving photography on their existing smartphone. We will cover hidden and secret phone camera features, photographic intention, storytelling and adding a narrative through composition. We will announce the contest, relevant dates and prizes.

5. Second workshop: After selecting the winner/s form the photos submitted, we will have a group discussion about everyone's photos. We will then cover some mobile photo editing apps. techniques and tips before wrapping up with lessons learned about smartphone photography and the team building benefits of the photography contest.
Benefits of a Virtual Team Activity on Zoom:
You already know the benefits; everyone can attend whether they are in the office or working remotely, no parking, transportation, AV equipment, food catering, no weather or other logistical concerns, no physical products to be mailed, items to be sourced, risk of injury, to everyone and most of all... it's is accessible and interesting to everyone.
The smartphone photography contest is a great option to capture (pun intended!) connection, celebrate individuality, and nurture a vibrant and cohesive team culture in the virtual or hybrid workplace. Remember, every photo has a story to tell, and together, we can create a tapestry of shared experiences that will inspire and uplift us all.

Team events put groups into new settings with interesting activities that encourage coworkers to interact and engage with each other in out-of-the-ordinary ways. These shared experiences can create the foundations for deeper relationships and give employees a means to communicate and get to know each other beyond the scope of work. These events also serve the dual purpose of giving the team a treat and a break from work and showing the organization's investments in its employees.
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