Composition & Narrative Photography
1/2 Day Workshop

* Workshop previously titled 'Narrative Photography'

The biggest transformation in your photography is intention and composition. Then we edit your photo, transforming it from ordinary to extraordinary!

Suitable for all mobile devices or dedicated cameras. Editing will be on our phones

 Live ZOOM workshop limited to 5 only 

Do you feel like your photos are missing something - leaving you feeling stuck, underwhelmed and frustrated?

Photography brings you joy and fulfilment and you know you can improve with the right instruction and guidance.

This workshop requires only your smartphone.

You will feel empowered with intentional framing as you design and control the hierarchy of visual elements. The next step to enhancing the viewer experience is mobile photo editing to guide their attention around the image.

First session: 90-minutes:
> Photographic intention;
> Narrative and storytelling; and
> Stronger photo composition 4-step system

Practical activity: Take a break for an hour in-between sessions to undertake your guided practical activity.

Second session: 90-minutes:
> Practical activity discussion and photo feedback;
> Mobile photo editing to enhance the narrative; and
> Q&A session and key takeaways learned

Does every photo have need a narrative?

Yes. When you reach for your camera or mobile device, pause to consider the stimulus and reason for taking the photo. This informs some choices - what perspective and angle, how close, what should I include and exclude in the frame. Then the subtleties and real fun begins. What is the point of fixation, what else do you want the viewer to notice, when 'reading' different parts of the photo in a particular sequence. 

"Mike is honest and open in assessing people's photographs. He gives good advice in a very kind way and recommend his training and the way he does things"

Jenny Nolt

"Mike's communication skills are excellent and he can speak to me in a learner language that I can understand and make everything sound so easy."

Terry Turkington

 About Mike James 

Mike James is one of Australia's most dynamic and sought after speakers and trainers in the field of mobile photography. After 20+ years of working in a technical field of photography, he is  now a mobile purist, published author on photogrtaphy composition, blogger, YouTuber, host of the Smartphone Photography Club podcast. Mikes' passion comes from being on a mission to help you become more photography literate without the jargon. Learn more - here

 BONUS: 12 Month Access to the Smartphone Photography Club 

In addition to the Narrative Photography Workshop, you will automatically have an account set up for you with 12 months access to all the Smartphone Photography Club features and benefits. 
The video courses contain15+ hours of video and over 58,000 words - factoring adult learning principles and styles.
Members of the Smartphone Photography Club get access to over $800 AUD of courses and benefits for a low membership of $99 per year or $9 USD per month. Learn more - here
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  • Become A More Intentional Photographer - $150
  • Blurry to Tack-Sharp Photos: 4-Step System - $150 - learn more
  • Stronger Photo Composition: 4-Step System - $150 - learn more
  • Mobile Photo Editing: 4-Step System - $150 - learn more
  • 14-Day Photo Creativity Challenge - $29 - learn more
  • 30 Days Of Lightroom Mobile - $150 - learn more
  • Stronger Photo Composition eBook - $23 - learn more
  • Monthly Zoom meetings - Q&A - only available in the membership
  • Monthly Photo Critiques - only available in the membership
  • Access to Mike James and members in the community forum - priceless
In a nutshell... the combination of the Narrative Photography Workshop and 12 month access to the material and support inside the Smartphone Photography Club will help you to see a photo opportunities, effortlessly create strong composition, consistently capture a sharp photo, and then have fun editing on your mobile device creating the best possible version you will love.


The pricing for the 1/2 day workshop is $99 USD per person with a minimum of 3 attendees. You can schedule your own one-on-one workshop for $299 USD.

Contact Mike to schedule your own group for a date/time that suits you - here

The session can be recorded for your future reference.

Cancellation policy: Please inform us ASAP if you are unable to attend the workshop as it is not possible to refund or transfer to another date less than 7 days prior to the workshop. We reserve the right to cancel a workshop 3 days prior to its start date.

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Smartphone Photography Training featured in light stalking fix the photo 5daydeal photography talk shaw academy photo with phones iphoneography podcast
Smartphone Photography Training featured in light stalking fix the photo 5daydeal photography talk shaw academy photo with phones
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