30 Days Of Lightroom Mobile

Love taking photos.. now create your next favourite photo
Learn Lightroom Mobile course for AndroidiPhone smartphone


Gain access to over 5 hours of video tutorials and detailed written guides, designed to ease your learning journey.

Master the art of smartphone photo editing: learn to strike the perfect balance, avoiding over-edited images that lose authenticity or under-edited shots that lack finesse.

  • Understand the rationale, timing, and methods for using each camera and editing tool.
  • Cut through tool overload with guided workflows from Mike and guest experts.
  • Elevate your approach by mastering storytelling and photographic intent.
  • Enjoy continuous, direct interaction with the course creator for ongoing support.
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Who Is This For?

Feeling disappointed with your smartphone photos and knowing you're capable of more?

You're not alone if the idea of using Adobe Lightroom mobile intimidates you.  The app comes packed with a full-fledged manual camera and advanced editing tools that can be overwhelming.

If that resonates with you, it's time to unlock the full potential of both free and paid features in Lightroom mobile.

Course Outcomes

Within just 30 days - or even a weekend binge-watch - you'll gain the ability to:

  • Transform your favorite snaps into photos you'll be excited to share and print.
  • Boost your confidence as a mobile photographer, sparking even more love for the art of photography.
  • Skip the guesswork and master Lightroom mobile with a clear understanding of each tool's purpose and optimal use.
  • Keep your edits looking natural and avoid the over-edited look.
The Real Deal

The unspoken truth: Every memorable photo you admire has been edited to enhance the narrative and guide the viewer's attention for better visual flow.

I'm Mike James, a photography educator for over 20 years. In the last six years, I've focused on mobile photography. You don't need the latest phone; you just need to enhance your skills. Unlock your smartphone's potential by learning how to effectively edit your photos, saving you time and frustration.

Advanced Photo Editor

Why struggle with complex desktop programs when your best shots are on your smartphone? Bypass the learning curves with this straightforward editor designed for your mobile device.

We dive deep into the Lightroom mobile app, so you can elevate your photos beyond simple snapshots. With 7.5 hours of video tutorials and written guides, learning is made flexible to suit your needs.

Unlock Your Smartphone's Full Camera Potential

Ever thought your smartphone's camera could do more? With the Adobe Lightroom mobile app, you can go beyond your phone's auto mode limitations. This app transforms your smartphone's camera interface, giving you manual controls usually reserved for high-end cameras.

No longer be defined by your equipment; harness the power of Adobe Lightroom Mobile to redefine your photography experience. This isn't about replacing traditional cameras; it's about leveraging the computational and convenient advantages of your smartphone. With Adobe Lightroom Mobile, you can completely transform your photography experience. Swap out your phone's default camera interface for manual controls, giving you greater creative freedom.

Your creativity isn't limited to any single tool; it's expanded by your ability to masterfully use each one.

30 Days of Lightroom mobile for iphone and android
Full Program Of All The Tutorials

Each video lesson is designed to be concise, with an average duration of under 15 minutes. This format offers easily digestible content, allowing you the flexibility to complete each lesson at your own pace.

Explore the course outline to discover the depth of this comprehensive program.

  • 20 Secret Tips & Hidden Features
  • How To Crop Your Photos - Composition
  • Fix Distortion, Perspective & Lines 
  • Adjust Exposure, Highlights, Shadows
  • How To Use Tonal Curve
  • What Does The Dehaze Tool Do
  • Using Texture, Sharpening Or Clarity
  • Advanced Noise Reduction
  • White Balance Adjusts Color Casts
  • When To Use Vibrance Or Saturation
  • Advanced Color Mix, HSL & Grading
  • Best Black & White Conversion
  • Add a Vignette - Alternative Method
  • Compare Healing & Cloning
  • Sky & Subject Selection Masking
  • How To Use Linear & Radial Masking
  • Using Color & Luminance Masking
  • Quick Editing Using Presets & Profile
  • Tutorials & Community In Lightroom Discovery
  • Sort, Review & Rate Photos
  • Camera Navigation & Familiarisation
  • Lightroom Camera Vs Native Phone Camera
  • Discover HDR Capture Mode
  • Portrait Depth Capture Mode (iOS Only)
  • How to Control Manual Focus
  • Adjust White Balance At Capture
  • Manual Control Of ISO & Shutter Sec
  • Using a Lens Attachment With Lightroom
  • Live Filters Inside Lightroom Mobile
  • Full 30 Days Of Lightroom Mobile In A Single Video
Learn Lightroom Mobile course for AndroidiPhone smartphone

Full video course - Snapseed: Demystify Mobile Photo Editing with Pro Tools and Guidance - Over 2 hours of video lessons)

Lessons cover everything from photographic intention and storytelling to mastering Snapseed's versatile tools like the selective and tonal contrast tool, vignette, and more. You'll discover advanced techniques like black-and-white conversions, working with curves, and using styles and looks to create stunning effects.

Learn Lightroom Mobile course for AndroidiPhone smartphone

One-Hour Smartphone Photography Workshop

This workshop covers everything from photographic intention, framing and composition, narrative and storytelling to secret camera features, photo capture techniques, and optional accessories including lighting, tripods, and lens attachments. We even cover a quick editing workflow on both LIghtroom Mobile and the Snapseed app. If you want a lot of information in a one hour video, this is it.

Learn Lightroom Mobile course for AndroidiPhone smartphone

Editing workflow by Shayne  Mostyn Mobile Photography

Shayne is one of my favourite YouTube content creators, specialising in small-sensor lowlight photography. 

In this tutorial, Shayne demonstrates how to use the sky and subject selection to concentrate editing on one section at a time. Learn the best strategies to edit those night time photos Shayne will inspire you to create for yourself.

Learn Lightroom Mobile course for AndroidiPhone smartphone

Editing workflow by Greg McMillan - iPhoneography Podcast

Greg is a co-host on the iPhoneography podcast. Join him as he demonstrates tools inside Lightroom mobile walking you through the thinking process of each step.

I particularly enjoyed learning how Greg decreases the contrast to better see what he is editing before going back and re-adjusting the contrast again. This non-destructive editing is one of the features we love about this photo editing app. 

discover lightroom mobile tools and features

Direct continued access  to Mike James in a dedicated course forum

Unlike large companies in the photo education space, you get direct access to me for support. Inside the course, there is a chat page to ask any questions, seek feedback, support and share your progress. 

At enrollment, you are emailed a login to your very own personalised account, where you can access the full course, and a community forum to connect with others.

"Mike is honest and open in assessing people's photographs. He gives good advice in a very kind way and recommend his training and the way he does things"

Jenny Nolt

"Disappointed in the clarity & sharpness of her photos to "Some of my photos are looking extremely good. I'm very happy with the results"

Cheryle Matthews

"Mike's communication skills are excellent and he can speak to me in a learner language that I can understand and make everything sound so easy."

Terry Turkington

"Mike is very personable, professional photographer, professional trainer who can guide you to getting the most out of your smartphone photographically and for your editing"

Terry Betts

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App & Course Updates

One of the best features of Lightroom Mobile, is there continual updates and interface improvements. If your smartphone interface looks slightly different, the content will be just as relevant. Updates will be continually be made. Your bonus included Snapseed course included for free has just had a complete refresh and bundled with this course for free. 

Enrol In The Full Course
What happens after you enrol?
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  • Check your email for the access link, your username and temporary password
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Your Gaurentee

30-day 100% money-back guarantee.

If you are not happy for any reason, if you simply don't feel this is for you, or even if you don't like my accent or my enthusiasm... you'll get 100% of your money back. That makes this an absolutely no-risk enrolment.

30 days of lightroom mobile course guarantee