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30 Days Of Lightroom Mobile

Love taking photos.. now create your next favourite photo
Discover the tools & learn my 4-Step Photo Editing System
Learn Lightroom Mobile course for AndroidiPhone smartphone

Over 5 hours of video tutorials and written explanations to dramatically reduce your steep learning curve!

When it comes to smartphone photography, editing can either be your best friend or your worst enemy. Editing a photo too much can make it lose its sense of realism, and too little editing can leave a picture looking amateurish.

  • Learn the why, when and how behind each camera and editing tool
  • Overwhelmed by so many tools. Receive example workflows by Mike and guest instructors
  • Be more strategic. Learn about storytelling and photography intention
  • Feel supported with ongoing direct contact with course creator
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Who is this for?

Do you feel underwhelmed or frustrated with your photos and know you can take better photos on your smartphone?

If the thought of using Adobe Lightroom mobile is a little daunting, you are not alone. This app provides you with a powerful full manual control camera and photo editor. The advanced tools can be a bit overwhelming.

Then... it's time to get the most out of the free or paid tools inside Lightroom mobile.

Who has the time or patience to endure the steep learning curve of a complicated desktop program? Especially when most, if not all of your photos are captured on your smartphone!

Course outcomes

In just 30 days (or in a weekend if you binge-watch), you will be able to:

  • Be creative transforming your favourite photos into stunning photos you will be proud to print and share
  • Increase your confidence as a mobile photographer as you become even more passionate about photography
  • Effectively utilise Lightroom mobile, knowing why, when and how to use each tool for best results
  • Avoid the steep learning curve of experimenting on your own learning what different tools do
  • Avoid over-editing photos to the point that they look edited
The secret

I'm here to tell you the TRUTH you need to know about creating beautiful photos on a smartphone.

The secret no one tells you is almost every incredible photo that you discover and love has been edited. Even the quickest photo edit using the right tools will dramatically improve your photos.

Do you find yourself desiring a new smartphone to improve your photos? So many believe they can buy their way to stunning photos. Save your money and invest in yourself instead, in lifelong skills transferrable to any smartphone.

I'm Mike James and I have been a photography educator for 20 years. For the last 6 years, I have exclusively helped passionate mobile photographers just like you to create your next favourite photo on your existing smartphone.

Advanced Photo Editor

Create the best possible version of your photo using this advanced editor

Who has the time or patience to endure the steep learning curve of a complicated desktop program? Especially when most, if not all of your photos are captured on your smartphone!

You do not need to wait until you buy the latest smartphone. So many believe they can buy their way to amazing photos.

Learning how to make full use of the Lightroom mobile app will outperform any smartphone upgrade. Discover the easy through to more advanced tools. I break down how each tool works and how it affects your photo.

To cater to your learning style, not only do you have access to 7.5 hours of video, each tutorial includes a written explanation. 

Full Manual Camera

Want to capture photos you did not think possible on your smartphone?

Discover how you can use Adobe Lightroom mobile app to exceed the current capability of your smartphone camera in auto mode. A camera replacement app changes the interface and accesses manual controls you find on 'big' cameras.

We live in a wonderful time now, whereas photographers are no longer restricted or defined by the camera we use.

You can now take creative control of your camera and reduce the photo degradation typically experienced when allowing the phone to choose the settings it thinks you want and need!

30 Days of Lightroom mobile for iphone and android
Full program of all the tutorials

Each video lesson averages under 15-minutes, making them bite-sized pieces of content. All you have to do is mark each video complete and you can pick it up and put it down whenever you want.

Check out the list to see just how comprehensive this course is. Ever wondered what some of these tools do. Well, now you can learn what they are, how to use them and more importantly when not to use them and use an alternative method.

  • 20 Secret Tips & Hidden Features
  • How To Crop Your Photos - Composition
  • Fix Distortion, Perspective & Lines 
  • Adjust Exposure, Highlights, Shadows
  • How to Use Tonal Curve
  • What Does The Dehaze Tool Do
  • Using Texture, Sharpening Or Clarity
  • Advanced Noise Reduction
  • White Balance Adjusts Color Casts
  • When To Use Vibrance Or Saturation
  • Advanced Colour Mix, HSL & Grading
  • Best Black & White Conversion
  • Add a Vignette - Alternative Method
  • Compare Healing & Cloning
  • Sky & Subject Selection Masking
  • How To Use Linear & Radial Masking
  • Using Color & Luminance Masking
  • Quick Editing Using Presets & Profile
  • Tutorials & Community In Lightroom Discovery
  • Sort, Review & Rate Photos
  • Camera Navigation & Familiarisation
  • Lightroom Camera Vs Native Phone Camera
  • Discover HDR Capture Mode
  • Portrait Depth Capture Mode (iOS Only)
  • How to Control Manual Focus
  • Adjust White Balance At Capture
  • Manual Control Of ISO & Shutter Sec
  • Using a Lens Attachment With Lightroom
  • Live Filters Inside Lightroom Mobile
  • Full 30 Days Of Lightroom Mobile In A Single Video

"Mike is honest and open in assessing people's photographs. He gives good advice in a very kind way and recommend his training and the way he does things"

Jenny Nolt

"Disappointed in the clarity & sharpness of her photos to "Some of my photos are looking extremely good. I'm very happy with the results"

Cheryle Matthews

"Mike's communication skills are excellent and he can speak to me in a learner language that I can understand and make everything sound so easy."

Terry Turkington

"Mike is very personable, professional photographer, professional trainer who can guide you to getting the most out of your smartphone photographically and for your editing"

Terry Betts

Inclusions and bonuses
Learn Lightroom Mobile course for AndroidiPhone smartphone

The full video course - 30 Days Of Lightroom Mobile

Over 5 hours of video lessons

These videos are bite-sized, under 15 minutes each. You can track your progress or jump between features and tools that you need support with now.

Learn at your own pace and have direct support from me when needed. All you have to do is click/tap on 'Open Chat' on the one-on-one chat page with me.

Learn Lightroom Mobile course for AndroidiPhone smartphone

Bonus: Editing workflow by Shayne  Mostyn Mobile Photography

Shayne is one of my favourite YouTube content creators, specialising in small-sensor lowlight photography. 

In this tutorial, Shayne demonstrates how to use the sky and subject selection to concentrate editing on one section at a time. Learn the best strategies to edit those night time photos Shayne will inspire you to create for yourself.

Learn Lightroom Mobile course for AndroidiPhone smartphone

Bonus: Editing workflow by Greg McMillan - iPhoneography Podcast

Greg is a co-host on the iPhoneography podcast. Join him as he demonstrates tools inside Lightroom mobile walking you through the thinking process of each step.

I particularly enjoyed learning how Greg decreases the contrast to better see what he is editing before going back and re-adjusting the contrast again. This non-destructive editing is one of the features we love about this photo editing app. 

Bonus: My 4-Step Mobile Photo Editing System

My 4-Step Photo Editing System is like making a cake. Firstly, we need a plate to hold the cake. This is similar to the compositional tools to create the foundation for the photo. The first and second tier of the cake is tones and colours. Lastly, the icing on top of the cake is the local adjustments.

Lightroom mobile presentation and course

Bonus: How to bring photo intention & storytelling to life

Before you capture or edit an existing photo, we need to have an end in mind. In these two articles, we explore the definitions, differences and practical ways to really elevate your photography.

Identifying the point of fixation & directing the visual flow through supporting contextual elements, ceates a narrative and interaction with your photo viewer.

Lightroom mobile presentation and course

Bonus: How to find your photographic style

As you will learn in this bonus, photographic style involves consistent choices. 

This topic is one of the most challenging obstacles every photographer faces in their development. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, finding a distinctive style as a photographer can be the most daunting aspect of pursuing photography. 

discover lightroom mobile tools and features

Bonus: Direct continued access  to Mike James in a dedicated chat page

Unlike large companies in the photo education space, you get direct access to me for support. Inside the course, there is a chat page to ask any questions, seek feedback, support and share your progress. 

At enrollment, you are emailed a login to your very own personalised account, where you can access the full course, and a community forum to connect with others.

mobile photography lens attachments and lightroom mobile

Bonus: 15% Off the entire Struman Optics lens range

These quality lenses add extra capability and creativity to your photography

As an ambassador to Struman Optics, I can pass on an additional 15% off any existing discounted price on my website - here.

​​The multi-layer, crystal nano-coating and multi-element arrangement ensure edge-to-edge sharpness, minimal distortion and edge darkening (vignetting).

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  • You will now have access to your enrolment, all your bonuses and extra free cool stuff
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