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Hand Held Long Exposure on Your iPhone | ReeHeld App

Hand Held Long Exposure on Your iPhone | ReeHeld App

Revolutionize your iPhone photography with hand-held long exposure using ReeHeld app.

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This iPhone app ReeHeld is an absolute game-changer. You know I love my apps... and this one has just made it to the top line of my home screen!

If you want to take your smartphone photography to the next level, look no further than ReeHeld, the powerful camera app that can help you capture stunning 30-second hand held long exposure photos on your iPhone without a tripod.

This app combines a simple user interface with minimal controls, intelligent stabilization technology, and the neural engine of your iPhone to consistently create mind-blowing long exposure images accessible to everyone.

What is long exposure photography?

Long exposure photography is a technique that captures motion in an artistic and unique way. On a traditional camera, it involves leaving the camera shutter open for a prolonged period of time to capture movement.

A long exposure app like ReeHeld sets the exposure time for the photo you want to capture, takes a series of photos over that time period, and aligns and combines them into a single image using frame averaging.

Access the ReeHeld app - here

Reehand long exposure iPhone app without tripod examples.jpg

A couple of ReeHeld free hand long exposure examples on my holiday!

How is long exposure different on an iPhone?

A long exposure app, such as ReeHeld, works by setting the exposure time for the photo you want to capture. The app will then take a series of photos over that time period, typically between 1-30 seconds. Once the photos are captured, the app will align and combine them into a single image using frame averaging. ReeHeld app averages out the differences between each photo to produce a final image that is sharper, clearer and has less noise than any of the individual photos.

ReeHeld instructions - so simple!

1. Select the desired lens and field of view for the composition
2. Select the frame averaging exposure time (amount of blur)
3. Set the focus by tapping the screen
4. Tap the capture button and watch the magic unfold... in real time

If you encounter any issues, you can reframe the composition to avoid a fast moving foreground element, adjust the exposure time and/or frame the photo to include a static object.

Reeheld long exposure iPhone app without tripod examples.jpg

A couple more ReeHeld long exposure examples on my holiday!

Long exposure tips

Look for interesting subjects

Long exposure photography is particularly effective when there's movement in the frame. Look for interesting subjects like waterfalls, waves, traffic, or people walking to create dynamic and engaging long exposure photos. Lateral movement across the scene will be more prominent than movement directly toward or away from the smartphone camera.

Moving clouds
Fast moving clouds are a fantastic addition to your long exposure capture. The Clear Outside app provides a forecast of the low, medium and high cloud, wind amount/direction, as well as sun and moon rise and setting times.

Composition Tip: The most visually appealing way to capture moving clouds is pointing the camera in the same direction as the cloud movement.

Experiment with exposure times

The exposure time you choose will impact on the final result of your long exposure photo. Experiment with different exposure times begging with a shorter exposure time and gradually increase it until you achieve the desired effect.

Need a longer exposure time to capture moving clouds and have access to a tripod? You have to also check out ReeXpose. This amazing app has motion blur and lights trails. Best of all, you also have the option to save your creation as a RAW file format for more mobile editing options.

Quick long exposure editing tip

Once you've captured your long exposure photo, you can edit it using mobile photo editing apps like Lightroom mobile. One useful technique is to apply a mask on the area of movement, select the Texture tool inside the Effects panel, and make a negative adjustment to further smooth the movement.

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In conclusion, long exposure photography on an iPhone with ReeHeld is a fun and creative way to add a unique twist to your photography. ReeHeld is the only app at time of writing this article that produces up to 30 second hand held long exposures... and it does it brilliantly. Whether you're a professional photographer or a hobbyist, ReeHeld is an app worth exploring. So, grab your iPhone, purchase the ReeHeld and start capturing beautiful long exposure photos today!

So grab your iPhone, purchase ReeHeld, and start capturing beautiful long exposure photos today!

Access the ReeHeld app - here

P.S. If you're a more advanced user, check out Reeflex Pro Camera, which offers complete full manual control of your iPhone, including ISO, shutter speed, zebra stripes, manual focus with focus peaking, white balance, live histograms, and more.


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