You need an engaging virtual event speaker / presenter and a unique topic!
mum was my why for starting smartphone photography training
Hiring the right speaker for your virtual event can make or break your event!

As the corporate event planner, you know the shift from in-person to an online virtual event requires a different event speaker. Finding a quality presenter and selecting the best online workshop can transform virtual events into an unforgettable experience.

In these challenging times, people are hungry for engagement, support and inspiration. Now, more than ever you need a passionate, enthusiastic speaker that brings that extra energy and promotes audience participation to maintain attention.

As virtual events become more popular, make yours stand out. Provide your attendees with a unique exciting smartphone photography session that no one else is offering. Everyone is including a yoga class in their event. Not sure about you, I will not be turning that camera on doing yoga!

My job is to make you the corporate event organiser look good!

Single session or multiple sessions with fun homework activities!

A single hosted session can be between 45-min and up to 2 hours. Content on a single session is a combination of session 1 and 2 below. I work with you to arrange all the preparation, comprehensive eBook handout for each participant.

Session 1:
Unlock the hidden secrets to get the most out of your existing smartphone. You will learn photo capture techniques and powerful tricks to frame the photo. You will start feeling like an intentional, storytelling photographer! This session will finish with a demonstration on expanding the capability of your smartphone using lens attachments.
These sessions are not iPhone or Android exclusive. You can even bring along your iPad or tablet.

Session 2:
In this session, you are going to learn, and practise editing to enhance and transform your snapshots into photos you will be proud to post, print and share online. After practising my 6-step photo editing process using Snapseed app (by Google) we are going to explore some of my other favourite apps. After this session, you will have people saying, "you created that on your phone?!"
You will also have some homework to create a photo competition-worthy photo for the next session.

Session 3:
This is your opportunity to submit and receive Live photo reviews. We will discuss the photo intention, composition and editing to enhance the viewer experience. Analysing each other's photos is a great way to discover different genres, topics and broadening our photographic knowledge.
The winner of this in-house photo competition will win a 2.8 magnification macro lens by Struman Optics to the value of 99 USD.
What to expect when you contact me

After your consideration – please hit the below 'Email Mike here' button. We will have an initial discussion to understand your needs. I will create content specific to your audience.

Depending on your event's needs, presentations can be delivered live-streamed or pre-recorded with a live Q&A at the end. Each participant will also receive my eBook as a follow-up resource so they can enjoy the virtual workshop without needing to write notes. 

My goal is to best fit in with your overall event, make your job easier by meeting your objectives and have your attendees talking about the workshop you arranged long after the event.
More about my story
After Mikes mother passing away, he realised what little photos he had of her. He never used his smartphone, because he felt it was inferior to his 'big' camera. He started using his smartphone more to capture his family and reluctantly himself. Photos are not for you or about you but are a gift for your loved ones. His photo subjects broadened to include flowers and nature before exploring other genres.

This new passion for taking photos was due to the simplicity and limitations of the smartphone. His previous photography and teaching of photography were very technical. The great news is there are rules and guidelines for creating those beautiful and impactful images. You know the ones that stop you in your tracks and think WOW that is an awesome image.

These are not hard and fast, black and white rules. You can learn these proven concepts on how to prepare and set up a photo, how to capture the emotion and photography intent. You start to then become inspired to bend the rules, follow other photographers and aspire to emulate their results.

What clients have to say

"My name is Connie and I live in Colorado. I hired Mike James to present to a team of 370 people across the United States. He was very accommodating and easy to work with. We all took something away from our 60-minute lesson and will be taking more meaningful, vibrant pictures as well as editing the ones we've taken previously. It's amazing how he conveyed his eye for good pictures and made us better at photography in such a short time. I highly recommend him. Thanks Mike!"
- Client details private

"Our team takes lots of iPhone photos as part of agricultural extension work. Mike ran a great session that had everyone engaged and we all learned about some great tips and apps that we've been using since to improve the photos we post in our communications work."
- Graeme, Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport & Resources

"We arranged smartphone photography training with Mike for tourism businesses, which truly delivered on our goal of giving people simple tips and tools to help them capture more engaging professional photos using their phone."
- Ebony, Mornington Peninsula Regional Tourism

"The universal applicability of photos in business and Mikes' interactive, engaging style results in large workshop attendances. His workshops save our customers time and frustration, by giving them practical tips to implement straight away. Mike's presentations are dynamic and captivate the audience, who are just amazed and excited by what they can achieve on a mobile phone camera."
- Liz, Small Business Smart Business