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21 Jul 2021
Finding your style as a photographer can be frustrating & the most daunting aspect of pursuing photography. In this article, I show you how
26 Feb 2021
In this podcast episode, learn how to identify a black and white photo opportunity in new or existing photos. Converting an image to black and white removes attention away from any colours and forces us to notice shades, textures, lines and tones.
14 Mar 2021
Identifying other reasons for learning photography may help to realise new motivations to get out there and learn a little each day. Taking the step to learn photography brings you so much joy, love for life and transferrable skills to other arts and hobbies, even travel.
5 Nov 2018
Street art has content, context, vibrant colours, tones, lines, surface texture and detail, that all adds to the story and intention of the piece. Learning the art of capturing and editing a piece of street art really elevates the aesthetic value to a more sophisticated visual piece.
15 Mar 2018
Night photography and generally, low light photos have always been one of the biggest challenges for us, photo enthusiasts. Technological advancements in a smartphone, enable us to attempt photos, previously not even contemplated. Learn the techniques and tips to nail those low-light photos.
2 Feb 2018
All of your favourite photos have one thing in common: great lighting. Fortunately, understanding light doesn't have to involve equipment or years of education. Using the tips below, you'll be able to take incredible photos with your smartphone, no matter where you are.
17 Jan 2018
Photographing flowers can be quite technical to capture and so tempting to over-edit. Jeanine has a well established style of using incredibly beautiful soft and moody lighting. The minimal, black background in these flower photos allow the vibrant and perfectly balanced colours to simply jump off the screen.
14 Nov 2017
Are you finding yourself leaving your SLR at home more often when you travel? More of us are now using our existing mobile phones to take awesome travel photos. Having your smartphone with you, allows you to quickly and conveniently; capture, edit and instantly share special experiences with loved ones.
16 Oct 2017
‘You shot that on your mobile phone!’ Do you remember the amazing feeling the first time someone said that? These techniques, tips and apps will have you capturing SLR looking macro photography on your smartphone in no time.
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