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7 Sep 2021
Being intentional in your photography informs decisions on photo preparation, storytelling, composition and editing - learn more...
10 Aug 2021
Podcast ep meeting my favourite mobile photography educators
8 Aug 2021
The definitive guide to Lightroom Mobile App Photo Editing Tools. Learn 30 tools, what they do, how to use them and a special expert tip for each.
21 Jul 2021
Finding your style as a photographer can be frustrating & the most daunting aspect of pursuing photography. In this article, I show you how
22 Jun 2021
Noise reduction is now achievable on your smartphone itself. Learn what is noise, the apps and techniques to dramatically reduce noise in your phone photos.
13 Jun 2021
Photoshop Mix and Photoshop Fix disappear June 21. Get them now. Afterwards, I have some recommendations to avoid the Photoshop Express subscription
30 May 2021
These Snapseed Photo sharpening tools & my techniques are like a phone upgrade! Learn how to achieve this while keeping that natural look.
30 May 2021
Photo distortion is a common issue in smartphone photography. Let's discuss barrel and pincushion distortion, lens to subject distance and angle perspective distortion.
17 May 2021
Stay informed of photography app updates to take advantage of the new tools & features
13 May 2021
Dutch angle composition can add energy and movement to the right photo! Learn the why, when & how to use this technique.
20 May 2020
Editing apps make it easy and convenient to add filters, cropping to remove objects to produce more professional-looking images. This curated list includes free and paid apps, so you can choose which one suits your needs the most.
14 Mar 2021
Identifying other reasons for learning photography may help to realise new motivations to get out there and learn a little each day. Taking the step to learn photography brings you so much joy, love for life and transferrable skills to other arts and hobbies, even travel.
27 Mar 2021
All of us photo enthusiasts follow other photographers for inspiration and aspire to replicate exceptional images. Often, that leads to envy and disappointment when our images are far less impactful and engaging. What’s missing? What’s the secret?
4 Jul 2019
Adobe Lightroom mobile app is a camera and a photo editor app. You have manual focus and focus peaking for accurate capture. The app also has the most powerful tools for extracting and enhancing incredible details from your smartphone capture.
1 Jun 2019
Recently, I had the pleasure of writing a guest blog post on Photography Talk titled ‘Convenient and Powerful Photo Editing From Your Smartphone.’ I shared some basic tips to get the most out of the free, versatile, and powerful Snapseed app by Google (iOS or Android).
30 Nov 2018
Curves is a powerful and intimidating tool. For a long time, I limited my adjustments of brightening, darkening and contrast to just the Tune Image and Tonal Contrast tools. What does the Curves tool do? In summary, the curves tool assists to create a more punchy image.
5 Nov 2018
Street art has content, context, vibrant colours, tones, lines, surface texture and detail, that all adds to the story and intention of the piece. Learning the art of capturing and editing a piece of street art really elevates the aesthetic value to a more sophisticated visual piece.
14 Jun 2018
Ever needed to change the orientation of a photo? If you change a square photo to a landscape, the top and bottom are cut off. The expand tool copies the edges and adds extra space to chosen edges allowing you to turn a portrait image into a landscape image!
4 Apr 2018
Learn how the Live Photos mode can dramatically reduce photo noise using the Long Exposure effect. Noiseware app could not be easier to use. Also sold as a software plugin, you can now get stunning results using their app. Less than a cup of coffee - well worth the price!
5 Mar 2018
To create an aesthetically pleasing photograph – there are several compositional guidelines. The rule of thirds is one of the most powerful techniques, to help you position different elements in the photo.
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