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You have the freedom to create the content for our collaboration. If you need support or ideas on how we can collaborate, please reach out.
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Track the number of clicks, sales and commissions in your easy to use dashboard.
Step 1 - Apply for the program
Enter your first name and email below and hit Send Application.... that easy! You are already approved.  My clever website robots do the rest.
After you click/tap Send Application, you will be re-directed to my Course selection page to familiarise yourself with the various products that you can earn a commission.
Step 2 - Login and complete your profile in to the dashboard
Open your email from Smartphone Photography Training titled 'Affiliate Login Details'. Inside the email is the affiliate login, your email and a password that you can update once you log in. 
After you login you will see your very generous affiliate commission rate, a full list of unique affiliate URLs and an asset library to download banners. If you need a particular size or tailored banner to suit your audience please contact me.
Tap on the Profile in the top right corner. You will need to provide your Paypal email address for commissions earned. You can also change your password here. I would also recommend turning on the option to be emailed a notification of a new sale.
Step 3 - Start promoting and earning
You know your audience and how best to communicate with them. In my experience posting a URL or banner on the website does not convert very well. Promotion using video or adding value to the affiliate link adding physical or extra digital educational products converts much better.
You are the creative behind your brand. You have freedom and responsibility to create the content for our collaboration. If you need support or ideas on how we can collaborate, please reach out.
I encourage you to be open about this deal towards your followers so they can make sure to use your affiliate link to buy a Smartphone Photography Training product and support you at the same time.
Blurry to Tack-Sharp Photos: 4-Step System $99 USD
Stronger Photo Composition: 4-Step System $99 USD
30 Days of Lightroom Mobile $99 USD
Smartphone Photography Transformation Program $299 USD
Why should I promote Smartphone Photography Training?
Starting in 2015, I (Mike James) started Smartphone Photography Training building on a 20-year career in photography and adult education. The future direction for growth is not spam ads. I love delivering value to my community and audience and I want to add value to yours too.
I created this generous program to allow anyone to earn money by promoting a trusted brand backed by a highly sought after and trusted education specialist in the smartphone photography.
How do I make money as an affiliate?
Making money as an affiliate is easy. Just include your affiliate link or place one of the downloadable banners where your audience visit.
For best results, consider adding your recommendation in a video or offering extra benefits to accompany the affiliate URL. Bonuses other affiliates have offered have included low cost mini tripods, lens cloth and digital educational products that they already offer their audience.
Are there any fees to register?
There are no fees to become an affiliate! Sign up for free and earn the commission stated in your affiliate dashboard.
How are the affiliate URLs tracked?
A 'cookie' is stored on your referral's computer or device when they visit your affiliate link. These cookies last for 30 days, meaning they can take up to 4 weeks to decide to convert into a sale and earn you a commission.
What about lens accessories and Live training?
Lens accessories are purchased at wholesale with minimal margins making it unviable for either of us to include in the affiliate program.
The Live training programs are not included in the affiliate program because they involve my personal time.
If you have a large audience, amazing engagement and influence, I am more than happy to discuss a Live webinar with your audience. We can then use your affiliate link as the offer.
When do I get paid?
Commissions are paid after 60 days to cover the warranty period offered to students. Commissions are paid via the Paypal address you provide in your profile.