Need a photography podcast guest?
Looking for a photography podcast guest
Looking for a podcast guest that can inform and educate your audience?
As a podcast host myself, I know the quality of your guest and the required due diligence that can make or break an episode.
Your audience is hungry for guests that provide engagement, are passionate and enthusiastic about their subject expertise.
I bring the energy that promotes audience participation to maintain attention. My goal is to help you create the best podcast yet. 
Mike James - Smartphone Photography Training
E: [email protected]
P: +61 455238111
Online trainer to photo enthusiasts and industry  partners
Course Creator | YouTuber | Podcaster | Speaker
Partnering with other photography educators, creatives, app developers and accessory businesses to empower smartphone photographers to be more confident and creative using the mobile device they already own. 
Host of the Smartphone Photography Club Podcast
Combining over 25 years of photography and training experience, Mike from Smartphone Photography Training has become a sought-after speaker and training specialist. His passion comes from being on a mission to help you become more photography literate - priding himself on delivering practical, jargon-free techniques and tips. Presentations are fun, engaging, and deliver extraordinary value.
Bio - the one-line version:
Mike helps photo enthusiasts intuitively create their favourite photos using a systematic process.
(I know, t's an oxymoron)!
These are the topics I can talk all day about!
  • Learning photography using your smartphone
  • Photo intention, storytelling and composition
  • Camera and photo editing apps that are available
  • Photography is a fun healthy hobby for everyone
  • Selling courses and running an online community