Stronger Photo Composition - Learning Track
Stuck using the same techniques or struggle to create engaging photos?
Taking photos with intention, seeing the world as more abstract, and editing from the perspective of the viewer 'reading' your photo is the key to creative photography.
One of the biggest problems you are facing is either being limited to the same basic techniques or completely overwhelmed by the number of techniques available.
Don't be a slave to composition rules and guidelines. Learn how to use a step-by-step system to intuitively create the best possible photo in the context of your photo intention and the scene in front of you.
The below YouTube videos, podcast episodes, articles and the Stronger Photo Composition: 4-Step System will help you create more engaging, powerful photos. Combining compositional techniques and tools is the biggest step to dramatically improving your photos and yourself as a photographer.
Articles and Tutorials
Podcast Episodes
YouTube Videos Related to Composition
Enrol in the Stronger Photo Composition: 4-Step System
Imagine confidently finding creative ways to transform ordinary scenes into a photo you would be proud to print.
Your photos will have more cohesion, enhancing the viewer experience by attracting, holding and directing their attention.
The same photo can be visually balanced and aesthetically pleasing or communicate tension to eliicit a diferent response.
Sounding complicated? This system simplifies over 100 techniques and tools into a 4-step process.
 Now $99 USD (Approx $135 AUD) 
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